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Chela y Chila was founded in Medellin, Colombia in 2017 with a line of delicious spicy and hot sauces.  Made with fresh, high quality ingredients our sauces are prepared with a large variety of hot chili peppers, tropical fruits, spices, and herbs. 


Our flavorful sauces are inspired by our traditions and the recipes of our grandparents. Our locally grown products are organic and brought directly from farms in the country side. We blend our artisan sauces with traditional methods, with no chemical or artificial additives. They are 100% natural to ensure that you will always receive the best. 


Chela & Chila hot sauces are the perfect gourmet touch to your everyday meals.


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100% natural

Uchuva Hot Sauce

Our flavorful ochuva sauce transforms your meal into a pleasure for your senses.

Peppers Hot Sauce

Let your temperature rise with this fiery hot sauce.

Pineapple Hot Sauce

This pineapple and ginger sauce will test your limits.

Herbs Hot Sauce

Enjoy a sensation of harmony with this delicious mix of herbs.

Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

Explore our new tropical flavors with our passion fruit sauce.

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