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Chili secrets

Chili crops originated in Central and South America. Christopher Columbus was credited with the proliferation of the chili, known locally as ‘aji’. He called it pepper and it was rapidly incorporated into the Spanish Cuisine. But it was the broad trade routes of the Portuguese which allowed for the chili to arrive in China and then spread to the Far East, and all over the world. Ever since, the chili has been a part of the world’s gastronomy. 


Chili peppers may take your breath away or they may make you cry. But they not only enrich our culinary experience. Chilis are also known for their medical benefits as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, becoming therefore great allies to our health. 


Turn up the heat… Enjoy!

Unidades Scoville:

100 mil a 445 mil

100 mil a 200 mil

30 mil a 50 mil

15 mil a 30 mil

5 mil a 23 mil

2 mil a 500 a 5mil





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